X-carve w/shop vac inside house noise level

This is for all those folks concerned with running your x-carve inside a spare room in the house. This is located in my spare front bedroom because my garage is an uncontrolled inviornment and I didn’t want my electronics being corroded by the high humidity and gulf air here in south east Texas. Also with my shop vac inside it’s ‘quite’ box, noise is not an issue and the dust shoe eliminates the dust issue!

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That’s awesome. Nice demo @JamesMitchell

Thanks Zach, happy you liked it. Seems many people shy away from using their x-carve indoors and I’ve found it’s a non issue!

I concur. I’d call it “room is noisy” loud, but close the door and it’s just fine outside that single room.

Huh - after running mine for a while, there’s no chance that I’d run it inside without serious dust control (as in probably more money than the XCarve itself). The very fine dust would definitely put indoor operation into the “no, that’s crazy” category. (The sawdust is irrelevant, it’s the barely visible stuff that’s seriously bad news).

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That stuff, my dust shoe seems to catch very well. The actual chips get free sometimes, but the fines are trapped well by the vac. I have been keeping an eye on that by leaving clean surfaces around the room, and checking them periodically for accumulations of dust. I’m seeing nothing significant in my setup, at least.

I run mine inside as well and have had no issue with dust accumulation in the room or the house.

James, Don’t know what you are using for dust control/extraction but with my dust shoe and shop vac running I have no dust problem at all.

The dust problem isn’t so much the dust you can see, but the stuff that floats forever. It’s a real health hazard, and the reason why people do things like wear respirators even when they have dust collection systems. It’s a tool for a workshop, not a tool for a living space, IMHO.

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