x-Carve will not home. Z-axis moves up slightly then stops

When I try to home my machine, the Z-axis only moves up slightly then stops. If I position the Z-axis up close to the homing switch. and then try to home the machine, it will work, and go to the home position. Otherwise the x-carve works fine doing jobs. I work around the problem by unlocking the machine and sometimes I move the spindle up close to the z switch before turning the machine on in order to home it. Seems like it only increments slightly up when I try the homing procedure. I suspect the x-controller but has anyone have any thoughts on this problem?

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What are your grbl settings?
(Likely $132 is incorrect for your model/upgrades, IF you have the newer version Z axis the setting should be $132=152.4)

That was the issue. Changing the value to 152.4 corrected it. Thanks! I’m now wondering how the value got changed to 1 ? Something I did obviously. Well I’m still learning. Thanks again.

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I have a similar problem in that the z axis move DOWN a small amount when i try to home. I did change $132=152.4 and $100=40.54 and$101=40.54 and $102=188.43