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X-Carve Wireless Pendant

I believe this is correct. He has basically created a very task specific keyboard.

Awesome thanks! This is great! I might have to look at doing this soon. I had a project just like this on my list, but have never been able to get around to it. You had mentioned AutoHotKey at one point, is that what you are using for your text expander? I have experience what that software, do it would be fairly easy for my to recreate.

Which Bluetooth module are you using? I’m assuming you are using it in conjunction with something like a Teensy?

@JkWestphal Currently it is setup for the command tab but could very easily be set up to operate on the machine tab. The reason I did it this way was you would be limited to the function on that tab. I wanted to be able to send other macro type things like parking and laser commands.

@Rusty I’m using Atext on my mac but plan to do a setup file for autohotkey also for folks that use windows. I’m using the Bluefruit EZ-key module.

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Have you tried this with UGS v2.0 the nightly builds? It is organized a bit different and much more stable with larger G-Code files.

I haven’t but can give it a try this evening.

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@ErikJenkins Finally got around to trying it on the nightly 2.0 tonight. I like the layout of the UGS much better with the console on the main page.

As for operation, I did notice a strange quirk in that when I started using the remote, all the axis buttons just moved one axis. Also, each time I pushed a button the “Step Size” field in UGS would actually increment up or down depending on whether or not i was pushing a + or - command.

However I did find that unchecking “enable keyboard movement” stopped the incrementing. After resetting the zero and then only using the remote, not using direction buttons on screen, I found that it would then function normally.

For other updates, I’ve finally settled on better buttons for the next build and a better battery source. I want to keep this remote compact. What I have right now will allow the remote to function for about 20 hours of continuous on time before replacing the battery. I am in the process of designing a pcb board for the button interface and the controller board to eliminate the wiring nest and help keep it compact.

I have been having trouble finding an enclosure that I like that will work for what I want. I think I may just make my own from either wood or HDPE.

For those that expressed interest in the prospect of purchasing one, my current target is to sell these at ~$150. I could sell a pre-packaged kit for a discount for those that would like to put it together themselves. As I build this latest one I keep looking for ways to cut down the cost so I expect this price to go down by the time I have a final clean design. I may also offer a couple up for testing purposes to the first few people that initially expressed interest.

More to come…

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Sounds like you got a lot of work ahead of you! Keep it up, it’s looking great!

Sweeeeet! Have you considered using a rechargeable battery and station for this?

I just fell over reaching for my wallet!

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This is very cool. I use a programming language called AutoIT3 which is very similar to AutoHotKey. I wonder if the machine inspector can remain open in another tab of the browser and the Easel UI in another tab?

If it’s anything like UGS then no. They cannot connect Simultaneously. You have to have Easle closed to run anything with UGS.

Hey guys, sorry I have been busy with multiple projects and work and haven’t had a chance to give an update on this lately. I have found a rechargeable battery solution that I like so I am going to integrate that which should allow about 29 hours of operation before needed a recharge. Currently I am in the process of designing a couple of PCB boards to mount everything. As soon as I have that ready to cut I will post some pictures.

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This went on the back burner for a bit but making some progress lately. New rendering as I finalize the layout. I’ve also switched over to an arduino based setup to remove the need for the auto-complete software on the computer.
Appreciate any feedback.


Will it come in a range of designer colours? :grin:

What was your decision on communicating with the X-Carve? How are you going to do it?

I think it’s perfect, just like the first one you made. Need to get my hands on one!

Right now I’m still sending to the command line in Easel and UGS.

My cash is burning a hole in my pocket!
When will it be ready for sale?

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Bill, my pcb boards will arrive next week and I should have the final prototype built by the first week of December. If all goes well and the final tests go as expected I will build a couple more to sell to folks willing to test it out with their setups and provide feedback.

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Shut up and take my money!!!I’ll be a tester!!!

That is awesome, count me in! My wireless mouse just don’t cut it…hey, is that light I see at the end of the wireless pendant tunnel? Why yes it is! So coool!