X-carve without wasteboard....how to solve the last part of the design

Hi there
Since I live in Norway it would be crazy to pay for the mdf wasteboard to be shipped over.

I am now on the last part of the assembling and have looked into the wasteboard instructions. I think this will be difficult to perform without the exactly cutted wasteboard.

I am thinking about mounting the X-carve on top of a 16mm MDF plate - then use the 20mm extruded lengths to strengthen the unit. I will then put an MDF wasteboard on top of this - fastening it with screws going into the mdf plate in the bottom.

Anybody in the same situation, and good ideas for solutions?


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I went and got myself a laminated wood plate for cement work.
They are 120x75cm.
Did cut off 20cm with a saw. Used the scrap from another to make the remainding…
Il go and get some pictures in a moment.
There is only the back and front that needs to be almost 100% the sides have space…

Cut your waste board 1mm short of the Y rail length and you wont have an issue slipping it into the framework @ChristianJorgensen is correct, you have a bit of wiggle room on the X axis

In the US, at the types of stores that sell boards that big, they will typically be able to make the cuts for you. I got a second spoil board cut that way and it was really simple.

Thanks Christian I look forward to see the pictures!

The machine looks extremely well designed, the only thing I wonder about is making a wasteboard such a “permanent” part of the design? I think of the wasteboard as something you use for some time to throw away. It makes more sense to me to be able to quickly change it, thus now attaching it to the machine itself…

This is how my wasteboard came out.
Its a 1000 x 750mm board with two 500x250mm boards.
I had to mill out the edges so that it did fit underneath the gantry plates and wheels, as this type of plate is 20mm(educated guess, il go measure later) thick.
I also milled out the center aswell so the bolts stay well clear of any cutting.
Milling was done with a generic mill with a adjustable height plate. Set to about half thick.

The holes are 5mm with the threaded inserts installed.

The whole plate sags in the middle as you can tell, the cuts to the right of the centerline is made by me pressing the z carrige down. I eyeballed it and its probably a mm shy from the bit and the board. Going to mill the entire thing when i get my bigger collar, so its perfectly flat, then apply paint, and run the file again.

The Easel project can be found HERE

Thanks for sharing Christian! like the idea of the Easel project - I’ll make something of the same…think I’ll start of in Makercam as this is the SW I used before and am confident with :smile:

I will also make the holes for threaded inserts using the machine itself - I’ll share the svg files when ready.

Hope you manage to solve the sagging in the middle - I assume you have the 20mm extrusions horisontally along the X-axis so that’s kind of strange?

Yes it is, but its an old piece that have been in the garage for years, im going to level it just shaving off a mm or two, just making a box in easel measuring 700x700mm then select depth of 1mm and hit carve.
Paint the result and carve the grid back in.

Nice - good luck and happy carving :smiley: