X-carve won't reconnect after power cycling (on Mac)

Hi all, I’ve searched for matches but can’t find my problem or solution. I’m running x-carve 1000 with x-controller, easel for mac. It seems that the x-carve cannot reconnect to the Mac if it is power cycled. Looking at the system report, the x-carve doesn’t seem to release the USB connection. I have two USB ports and can connect the x-carve to the other port to reconnect, but after a second powerdown, both ports show they’re connected to the x-carve and it won’t accept a “third” connection. Only a computer restart will allow me to connect.

Has anybody experienced this and do you have a solution? It’s a bit of a pain to restart, reauthenticate, and open the projects again and again. I don’t like to leave the X-carve on because of the motor lock wasting large amounts of energy. Ideas?

Hi @RandyYoung - if you’re still having issues, reach out to our Customer Success team directly to see if they can help you out. help@inventables.com or 312-775-7009 (they’re available Monday-Friday from 9-5 CST.)