X Carve - x y z axis will not move

Things have been going great with my X carve (1000x1000) until about a week ago. All of a sudden, when I power on the machine, it starts in an “Alarm” state. Here’s the alarm itself (attached):

Xcarve Alarm

Also, my Probe Status shows GREEN (contact.)

If I issue a “$X” command, it unlocks or resets the machine, and can carve normally (and, my probe works fine, too.) I have the Inventables probe and limit switches installed. Again - all was working fine.



Did you home the machine on power up?

Mine always starts in “alarm” till I home, then it’s all good. It alarms cause it doesn’t know when it’s at.

I’m an idiot! I turned the machine on and, lately, ignored the home because I just needed to raise the spindle (to change a bit.) That’s exactly what it was… if I home the machine, everything works fine :-).


We’ve all made these mistakes, that’s how we know.

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