X-carve xbox controller

dug up the old aftermarket xbox controller gave it a go better than the mouse and set up was simple plug in controller and download xpadder the older version it was free i have windows 7 so i had to use compatibility mode all in all took 15 min to set up and get started
xpadder http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5869-xpadder.html
my vid https://youtu.be/YWcivE1Nze8


I was pondering this one last night! I’m going to have to set this up, that’s awesome.

Is the Xbox controller plug a USB? and I agree with DanBrown in the awesomeness.

yes it is usb there is a way to do wireless but it’s been a long time ago back when i was gaming a playstation 3 controller can also be if i remember correct there was a little more to the setup. then you first plug in the controller it will want to download some drivers if the computer you will be using is not net connected you will have to search for the drivers on microsoft here is the driver location https://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-controller-for-windows

Thanks for all the info, this is really cool. Not to be a pain but is there a good link where to pick up a controller and get the right one. I’ve searched before and don’t know anything at all about them but they don’t say if they are USB or not.

Again thanks for the great info.

got mine at walmart just look for xbox 360 wired controller




Just go down to pretty much any shop with a gaming section, and you should be able to find a wired 360 controller. :smile:

I use it for gaming on my PC all the time, but I hadn’t really thought of it for the XCarve until my buddy Will brought up X-Padder again the other night. It seems like a darn near ideal solution. Wish I could get a real handpiece, with rapid control and everything, but this’ll be a great substitute!

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I’ve seen a few things about it and thought it could even be programmed to micro-step but that was if you were running Mach3. Definitely worth looking into, another fun project to add to the list.

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can you set the program up to micro step the Z axis up and down?

haven’t tried as of yet

if there is a keyboard key or mouse press that will microstep then you can assign it in xpadder and it should work

like john says if it is on the keyboard or mouse then yes

for those of you that might worry about using xpadder or setting it up …i have had a quick look on youtube and its really really easy to do .i think this may become part of my setup from the beginning but i am having thoughts of modifying the controller itself to make it more like the pendant style controllers that mach3 users can buy off the shelf …

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i was thinking about using a gaming mouse to make a pendant more buttons to configure than a regular mouse then use the encoder for the scroll wheel as the rotory encoder re mount it and make a rotory knob

I’m running XP Pro 64bit and can’t download from MS site, it tells me it can’t install because of missing files or something. Pain in the Arse to say the least. Anyone have any suggestions on this issue? I’ll jot down the error message next time in the shop.

it could be because they stopped support for xp google search might come up with another site that has the files

Not sure, the site also has the other OS’s listed and I tried win 7 and still the same thing. Got to love em when their working but otherwise #%^$%&^$&^

if i come across drivers i will post a link

I just want to know everyone aware of this. Windows 10 upgrade is free of charge to registered windows owners. I upgrade 1 Windows 7 Laptop, 1 Windows 8.1 Laptop and a my Desktop connecting to X-Carve was Widows 8.1 as well. Now all three working with Windows 10, and all I can say is, big difference, flawless. Windows 7 Laptop had tons of driver issues, they’re all gone. I don’t know if XP users can get it. Must try.

I upgraded all my other computers to Windows 10 and it does work great.

My shop laptop has been pestering me to upgrade it also. But the the version of Windows 8.1 on it has been working perfectly with UGS, which is all I use the shop laptop for. So I have been reluctant to upgrade since I did not see any real advantage for that machine.