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X Carve Y Stepper motors not in sync, or binding

Hi Everybody,

After working really smoothly for 1 month, the Y1 stepper motor isn’t working in synch with Y2. The Y2 will move4-5 times before the Y1 will lurch forward or backward an inch or so. It feels like it is wrenching the motor when it does this and I am afraid something will break. I have tightened the eccentric spaces and wheels on that side as it seemed like they were a little loose. I also tightened belts on both sides. Any help will be appreciated.

Turn everything off and check the wiring on your Y1. It sounds like it’s being dragged.

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Thanks. It looks like the Y1 isn’t working, like you said. THere was a wire loose, but that didn’t seem to be the problem.

Triple check the wiring (with the controller powered off).

It’s possible that the driver is fried due to an intermittent connection. With the power off, swap Y1 and Y2, power on, what happens?

Thanks Neil,

You were right. Y1 works now, but Y2 doesn’t. DOes that mean that the driver is fried? How do I rectify that?


Get in touch with Inventables Support :slight_smile:

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Then the microsettings are most likely different between them.
Or driver is a dud.

Have you found a solution for this issue?

I am having the same issue, but it’s opposite for me. Y2 is the issue, Y1 works great. When I swap the terminals on the x-controller, it switches and Y1 doesn’t work and Y2 is fine, so the motors appear to be fine. Sometimes it will start working in sync again, then in the middle of a carve, it’ll blow the stepper drive chip, and I have to replace the entire circuit board. Inventables has sent me numerous circuit boards, and Y2 replacement wiring, but the issue keeps coming back. I am beyond frustrated. Any tips you have will be greatly appreciated.

Same issue that I am having. Just assembled and trying to calibrate.