X Carve Z probe by passes touch spindle

Hi I am new at the CNC world. I bought a used X Carve. The Z probe when hooked up and going through the process the touch the spindle by passes and will not finish the process. I set it up using the manual way. and when I start the carve the the spindle moves to the start position on the x axis but it is way past the piece that is to be carved. Please anybody that could help me.
Thank you

Did you delete the old profile and set up a new one? That usually will fix the z-probe issue.

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Hey, welcome to the inventables community.

When you did the machine setup, theres a few different machine options. With the selection being very important, if you happen to have a pre nov 2021 machine its imperative that option is selected, because easel will change the calibration settings based on the selections and the new version machine calibration is different than the old one…

The easy way to fix it is to go yo machine>edit machine and delete the profile.
Unplug the cnc usb cable and check the machine drop-down for additional profiles and delete them all…

Then go ahead and make a new machine profile making sure to select the correct version and any upgrade options.

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Seth Thanks for the help on the z probe. Ever thing as far as the homing and z probe is working. The only issue I have know is the machine moves 10.5 inches before it stars to carve. the machine setting are set -29.488 is this correct.