X carver stand design

I am in the process of buy a new x carver, does any one have a design for a stand for the 1000mm unit

I just finished adding 3 more drawers to the one I designed.


Hello Steve, I just ordered my x Carter 1000, can you give any details on the whole table. I like this design. Thank you.

The table is inspired by the “Work Table and Clamp Cart” episode of New Yankee Workshop. The NYW table is a torsion style top, plywood legs, and has retractable casters - you lift the ends of the table and the casters extend and are held in place by hinged pieces, then when it’s where you want it you give a cord a tug to retract the casters and it’s sitting solidly on the floor. You can see that in action in the New Yankee Workshop episode.

For my CNC table version I corrupted the torsion top by making it tall enough that I could locate the X-Controller below (there is a hole near the front of the left Y rail for the cables to feed through) as well as an accessory drawer. The left side of the top behind the X-Controller is open for air ventilation as well as physical access - I’ve got a power strip in there as well as a spindle control relay. I took the red panic button off the top of the X-Controller, extended the cord a little, and mounted it in a small 3D printed enclosure just under the top. I use the small cart next to it to put my laptop on when I’m using the X-Carve. Moving the X-Controller underneath minimizes the footprint a little, I designed the top so that if desired I could just fit a 3/4" thick enclosure around the machine, but that’ll probably never happen.

All of this was going great until recently when I decided I needed more storage space for clamps and accessories, so I just finished adding on the 3 additional drawers you see below. Those drawers are quite large and have 28" full extension drawer slides, I’ll have space to spare for quite a while.

I do all my designs including this one in Fusion 360. Despite being in the US I switched to planning in Metric a while ago so all the measurements are in mm. I haven’t made an assembly drawing for it, I work right off the 3D model in Fusion and created cut lists using the free version of Maxcut.

I’m not actively selling the plans, but either use it as inspiration for your own design or we can work something out.

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