X controller 0-10VDC

On the Xcontroller 0-10VDC does anyone know what amperage output is. Also is the voltage output adjustable, and if so how is it adjusted.


The 0-10V output is generally used for VFD inverter which varies frequency based on analog voltage supplied. The minimum and maximum RPM settings are entered as values in the X-Controller’s firmware and grbl will supply PWM/1-10V signals based on the proportional difference between the set spindle speed in g-code and the difference between the minimum and maximum spindle speeds as set in firmware. If you want to use the X-Controller to provide a signal to simply turn a spindle on or off with a relay or similar device, you’ll want to set the maximum spindle speed to 1 and send a command Like M3 S1 to start the Spindle and M5 to stop it. I would consult the manufacturer of whatever spindle you have to see if they have a recommended input for spindle control.

The amprage is most likely a standard of the input of the VFD. I posted a question about it in the X-Controller section of the Inventables store.

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I thought that the PWM was pulsed but the 0-10 was a constant. Hmmmm

Both are correct. Once you select a spindle speed the 0 - 10 volt output maintains a rather constant DC voltage. It is not a very good current source. If you draw too much current the voltage will sag. Load on the 0 - 10 volt output should not be less than about 1000 ohms.

Thanks. I have to find a relay that will work.