X-Controller Assembly Issue

I purchased my x-Carve Dec 2019. I am finally able to assemble it. I have the machine assembled and I am on the X-Controller. The keystone shape of the box is making it very difficult to install the board. The stiffness of the sides does not allow me to “slide” the control board into the unit.

I don’t want to break it, how can I get the board in. It seems to be 1/4" too narrow to allow the board to slide in.

Yes, I am working at the correct end. I have the power supply installed and the board is at the end of the box, as it should be.

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OK, I cheated. I used the -axis threaded rod to tuck inside and force it apart. There has to be a better way. I have purchased the upgrade kit, installing the upgrades as I go, so this-axis rod is extra and not hurting anything to use it for this. But there still should be a better way to get the card to “slide” into the box.


FYI: I think you missed a step and/or you just went to fast.
Everything should have gone together like a jigsaw puzzle without force :innocent:

I followed step by step. The first step to attach the card to the power supply then bolt in the bottom. Did that.

Second step, slide the card in. How did I slip a step?

I even had problems slipping the top cover in at the end because of the leaning walls. All components were kept sealed in original boxes. The wall was a good 1/8” - 1/4” off.

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