X-controller assembly

For those with the X-controller…is it ok to power it on without any of the peripherals connected? My Estop sounds a little crunchy and I want to make sure it works before going any further. The controller is fully assembled.


Just assembled mine last night, same here. Made me nervous

I had to… Part of my question thread… I have questions lol. But yeah, I pushed mine once, like above it crunched… And was rather difficult to pop back up

Yes, there is still some assembly required…putting power supply in case, attaching the main circuit board, connecting a few wires, attaching estop, and finishing assembly of case and a few other things. It’s still alot easier than the original electronics though. Just don’t like the way the estop feels and sounds…want to test it before i go any further.

I know with some things you don’t want to apply power unless there is some kind of load. Not much of an electrician so i wanted to make sure it would be ok to power up the controller with nothing connected.

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When playing with small electronic components such as circuit boards etc. I always use one of these to stay safe.

Any sort of electric discharge could harm your components. If you don’t have one just make sure that before touching any components you ground yourself out first (touch the xcontroller case then touch the electronics you want to use)

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I worked the button open and closed a couple times before I connected it and it got a lot better… plugged it all in… and found out the hard way my motors are going in reverse from what they should… hit the button and it stopped. :slight_smile: