X-controller compatability_adjustments

So I’ve built a new machine and am no longer using V-wheels or belt drive but rather a 1605 ball screw drive system. I’m trying to re-purpose my x-controller to use with it. Upgraded motors are compatable and all are working correctly in the right direction. Obviously x,y, and z axis calibrations are necessary and this is where I’m failing. I’ve watched all the Youtube videos on how to calibrate with easel, UGS, and PicSender but I’m not having any luck. For an intended 5" movement I’m either getting approx a 1/4" or everything locks up regardless of how high or low I’ve changed the $100,101,102 gcodes. Am I supposed to make any adjustments to the dip switches in the x-controller itself? Or are there other gcode changes I need to make as well?

you may need to adjust acceleration. Having the acceleration set too high can result in an immediate lockup. Similar to how $110, 111, 112 are the Max Feed & Plunge Rates, $120,121,122 are the Acceleration rates in mm/sec²

I would start with the X and reduce the acceleration a lot (like 50% of the current setting) and see if the cnc moves more at least. Then maybe once you reduce acceleration enough you can get the calibration settings to work out better…

& Most of the Dip Switches are for the microstepping I would just leave them as they are from default, Except all #4 switch, I would disable power savings that way the steppers can get full power!

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