X Controller Fan Loud

Hey yall, under a week in to having it up and running. I feel like my X controller is suuuuper loud. I figured out it was the fan. Tried tinkering with it to see if I could reduce the noise with no luck at all. Is this normal? Last post I found on this topic was from 2018 so im not sure. TIA

I blow out my fan and box occasionally to get the dust off the fan and boards, I also open it up once or twice a year and do the same thing.

Yea I get that but mine is brand new like less than a week old, there’s zero dust. I sent an email to support. It can’t be normal?

When we took the fan box off it goes quiet idle but obviously can’t keep it like that. We even tried washers to see if that would dampen it. Its the fan vibrating the metal which reverbs through the box and mounting spot.

I don’t mind too much when its running cause I can’t hear it obviously but its unbearable when it isn’t.

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Does it get quieter when you remove the brass touch plate and clamp from the top?

No but good question!

Is the fan contacting the shield?

Its bolted to the back plate. When I unplug everything and take it off its quiet but when I put it back its loud. Not sure if thats what you mean?

Can you show how you have it assembled?

Sure, so the loudness is coming from the fan when its all put together like this. If we pull all the cables off and take the plate off the box, the fan is quiet.

I should also mention we added the washers to the back plate bolts last night but it didn’t really help. We just left em there cause it wasn’t much change regardless.

I have my shield inside the plate with same side outward.
So from outside going inward it is like this, screw heads, plate, shield, then fan.

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Will try that.

If your fan is bad I am sure Inventables will replace it they are good about that. I checked out your Facebook and website, Nice work!

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Mine also, brand new out of the box… LOUD, vibrating…makes me want to body slam it! This fan is way out of balance.

Hey guys, I had a loud X-Controller too and hunted it down to unwanted contact between the fan screws and cooling fins of controller board. Please see how I fixed mine in the following video:

Wanted to chime in about my results for the suggestions
I tried them all. I have decided I have a bad fan and Inventables are sending me a new one.

Thanks for the suggestions !

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I was in the same boat. Paul from inventables sent me a new one and its 100% quieter. I’m really surprised these ball bearing fans are coming bad out of the box! Usually its bushing fans that go bad like this.
thanks all!