X-Controller first impression


Got my X-Controller assembled today and my first impressions are as follows

Quality on housing : Aluminum has a lot of scratches and sharp unpolished edges
Quality on electronics : Buttons seem to be of the cheap kind, extrusion from casing uneven and the push action on my pause knob is much harder then the two others.
Emergency button is very hard to release, feels like I’m breaking it when twisting it.
And the fan,where did you find this Inventables ? This must be the LOUDEST 40mm fan I have ever heard, I have done my share of pc assembly up through the years and have dealt with a lot of fans, but have never heard anything as loud as this.
This is going in the bin.
You have also on your instructions placed the fan the wrong way I think,if placed blowing towards the heat sink the fan blades touches the casing making it unable to turn.

Assembly is straight forward and as usual instructions on the inventables website is top notch.(except for the fan direction issue stated)

Have not as of now connected it to X - Carve,just a start up test.

Looking forward to get it wired and hooked up to do some carving with it and see how it performs


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just set mine up and have to agree with the fan noise. it sounds almost scary. however the aluminum i received was fine with no scratches. Haven’t done any testing yet other than jog the machine. so far so good.

while not top notch quality, my emergency button seems fine along with the others.

if your getting a replacement fan, can you post your solution?

The only solution to the fan noice is to get a better fan i guess :smile: But to be honest I think inventables should change this,atleast for new orders.I did not believe it was possible to get such a loud 40mm fan,guess they (inventables) had to look for a long time to find this :smile:

For you in the US i guess this might be a good source for good quality fans,and this might be a good choice http://www.quietpcusa.com/Scythe-Mini-Kaze-Quiet-Computer-Fan-40mm-x-10mm-P460.aspx

i looked at that one on amazon along with some others and realized that its only 12v. the fan that it comes with is 24v. wouldn’t that cause overheating and excessive wear?

another thing to note, when i looked up the fan that is in the pictures of the instructions, it has a 8cfm

Sorry my bad a little to quick,did not think about the 24v :blush:

I do not know anything about this brand (dynatron) but coolerguys is a ok company so guess it is ok.It has to be miles ahead of the one already installed. I have not yet had the time to do anything with mine but might order this one,if i have not missed anything major with this one :smile:

The cfm is lower but should not be to serious,I think the 4,7 is enough…I hope :wink: