X-Controller install complete!

Well, it took a couple days to get everything assembled, fabricated and installed, but I just finished the initial testing with my new X-Controller… Just need to do a test cut now!


Very clean

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A little off topic, no related to your X-controller, but how do you like that workbench kit? Is it stable when it’s all assembled? Does it move/shake when the X-carve is running? I’ve had it on my Amazon wish list for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

@RyanRoberts… Thank you sir! I’ve worked for years as a marine electrician, much of the wiring is exposed and visible, so I’m pretty anal with my cable runs and terminations…

@MattThompson… The basic kit is very easy to work with, I modified mine a bit to be able to utilize locking and pivoting wheels. On the far end I modified them a bit also to incorporate a toolbox. Also, I added quite a bit of addition bracing under the work surface to make sure it was solid, level and true. The only time I really notice any substantial vibration is when I forget to lock the wheels.

In thr pics below, you can see I cut the bottom of the legs to accomodate the wheels and the second pic shows the cuts on where you should have a 2x4 brace across. Even with no 2x4 in, I still needed to cut the extended part back for clearance for the toolbox…


Love the lift up for the tool box access. Nice set up all the way around.

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@GrantDavis… Thanks! when I built the bench I wanted to be able to have pretty much EVERYTHING I would need X-Carve related in one consolidated space. The toolbox holds all my bits, collets, measuring devices, chisels, files, sandpaper, maintenance tools, spare parts, etc… Everything I need for a carve project start to finish other than obviously my table saw, miter saw, planer, etc. is contained in the 4’x6’ work area. Having the flip up top allows me access to the toolbox, but still gives me a work are above for sanding, finishing, whatever. Have to bend over to access the toolbox, but I ain’t that old yet so that doesn’t bother me… :grin:

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Really nice setup! Having the toolbox built in is pretty sharp. Thanks for the feedback on the kit.

It looks like you ran the second Y stepper cable. Did you use a terminal block to connect the motor wires to the stepper cable? I was thinking about just butt connecting the motor wires to the stepper cable and not use the terminal block?? Maybe using the terminal block for LED lighting and auxiliary power ect.

I used the terminal block to provide some strain relief for the motor wires.

The motors that I used, came with 5 metre long wires (unshielded) so I didn’t use terminal blocks.
They ARE a pain to remove/replace!

@PatrickAllison… Yes, I did run the second stepper cable, and at the same time I ran a three conductor cable thru the drag chain for when I finally install my DeWalt 611. I didn’t use the terminal strips for any of my hook-ups. Instead, I installed Deutsch connectors on everything. So the DeWalt will get the same treatment with a Deutsch connector when it’s installed, won’t have to pull the cable out if the router goes bad, just unhook at the connector.

How did you hook up the 611?

@Flat_Rat… 611 isn’t hooked up yet, still running the 24vdc spindle. Have read about how much dust the 611 creates, so until I fabricate a dust boot and air diverter I’m not going to do the install. Right now I’m concentrating on getting some inventory together… I’m going to hit a horse show at the local state fair grounds as a vendor… Want to see what the interest is in some of the projects I’ve been doing and if I can get some decent sales, I might just hit a few fairs and festivals this spring and summer…