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X-Controller: (no serial ports found)

So I’ve assembled and connected my new x-controller upgrade (previous version was the original x-carve pre-2016 electronics). My computer is windows 64 bit. I went to the link shown in the assembly instructions for downloading arduino. Downloaded and installed. My computer dings when I plug in USB but in both Picsender and UGS there is no connection and a “no ports found” error message. Is there more I needed to download?

How about the latest version of Java? Make sure the baud rate is correct and the stop button is pulled up.

Thanks for your help. I found a solution. Deeeeep down in the hellish gutterals of inventables’ help menu there was a link to another download necessary for x-controller and USB port to communicate on win64. I didn’t expect a disk to come with the unit but the fact that neither the assembly nor usage instruction pages include links to any necessary files needed is mind boggingly inexcusable. Even the link that ‘is’ on the usage page is outdated and doesn’t take you directly to where you need to go anymore. And if you don’t know exactly what you need (and there’s no way anyone could) - finding the file/s and their locations is obviously next to impossible. Again, thanks - sorry to vent - but I feel better now (grin).