X-controller on either side of machine?

I did a quick search on here, didn’t find a solid answer. Can you use the x-controller on either side of the x-carve? I have limited work space and the way my monitor is, it would be best if I could put the controller on the right side of the machine.

I was hoping it was that simple. I assume I’d have to figure out the drag chain, too.


Just wondering why not just reverse the drag chain locations and limit switch on the Y-Axis? everything should be the same right?

That’s what I was hoping for, That it would be that simple. I know there’s no wiring differences, just relocating things, but I didn’t know if anyone else has done it so I was looking for something on how to rearrange the drag chain and whatnot

Watching this topic. I want to do the exact same thing.

The location of my X Carve means I can’t have the side board on the left.

The good thing for me is that I’m still building the machine (just got the last component in the mail friday), so I can easily make adjustments now. Just wasn’t too sure what all that entailed.

Sorry for the delay in an update, I took a little vacation and was gone for a week. And there’s basically no internet in Cuba unless you pay at the local park. Anywho, I was able to get the X-Controller on the other side of the machine. Took longer than I was expecting because some of the stuff wasn’t just moved, it was mirrored and the whole drag chain thing threw me off a few times. BUT, it’s there. now I need to download the latest software and whatnot and giver her a little test run.

can you post a picture to show others that were asking how it looks when you reverse the drag chain to the other side. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay. Took a little vacation and haven’t mentally come back yet haha

It was fairly simple, just had to do some back tracking and relocating.