X controller questions

Why can’t I jog the spindle out of the way one job is done. I have to turn the x controller off to move the beam. Also why do I have to set up the controller for every job?

A little more information would be helpful.

To be clear jogging the machine is using the controls in Easel, UGCS, or whatever program you are using to send the G-code, to move the spindle around. Manual moving is without the power on.

If you are trying to move the spindle by hand with the X-controller powered on and idle, then that will be difficult as the X-controller maintains control of the motors. In this situation you use the jogging controls to move the spindle.

What do you mean by this? Are the grbl settings changing or what?

I think he wants to move the spindle out of the way when the job if finished.
Custom G-code can do this.
Other than that what Larry said…

Click Carve again after the job is finished and use the jog buttons on the right side of the popup.

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If you feel you really need to move it manually open a project set for a 2 stage carve and select “carve”. Along with the normal boxes there will be new ones that allow you to lock or unlock the motors. Select unlock and you can then move things. Once done be sure to lock again or it will remain unlocked even after you close Easel.

I bought a controller to do this on amazon it will make it easier to home and calibrate and move It’s USB and is cheap. Game controller works haven’t hook it up since the holidays and such.

There are some options; learning-about-g28, x-carve-wireless-pendant, others…

A simple method to might want to try is to offset your work, say by +2" on both X & Y. When you set up your job, Zero your Z first, then your X and Y the 2" from the corner of your work piece.

Bump stops are useful as well.

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