X-Controller Stepper Motor Connectors

Hello everyone,
A few weeks ago I purchased a used X-Controller for another machine that I’m putting together. The guy didn’t include the 6 connectors for the stepper motors, homing switches and Z probe. Can I buy those somewhere? or does anybody have them they could sell me? I contacted Inventables but don’t know if they will sell me the parts.
Russell Crawford

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First time in over 2 years that I had to contact Inventables for something and they sent me out the 6 connectors. All the good stories I hear about great support I’m glad they helped me out.
Thanks Inventables

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Yeah, those are pretty standard connectors. My local electronics shop sells those (one of those old fashioned electronics shops with aisles of restores, diodes, etc). I am sure digi-key or jameco sells them as well, but looks like you are all set.

I wish!

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I couldn’t find them online or local

Is 2 minutes rom my house.

What are those green connectors called?

Pretty sure it’s these, @RussellCrawford.


I’ve heard them called “Phoenix contacts”, “euro blocks”, or just “pluggable screw connector”.

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Phoenix Contact I believe is the most common vendor. Definitely available at digi-key. In various sizes (number of pins). In fact too much choice to be honest…

What’s funny about the photo is the whole advantage of these is that you unplug, insert your wires and then re-plug, so you don’t have to awkwardly screw the terminal closed against the machine!

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