X-controller vibration

Hello, I’m fairly new to all this and having a blast. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a vibration noise when the x-controller is turned on. I have taken it apart and when i removed the fan there is no noise, as soon as i put the fan back in place, the loud vibration starts again. I have tried adding a rubber seal but it still vibrates. Might there be a fix or reason?
thanks for any help

Just a little dust will cause this, give it a couple of blast of air (dry air is best)

I don’t know this for a fact, but most fans installed in cnc controllers are very cheap, and use a brass bushing instead of ball bearings. I would replace the fan with a Brushless, Ball Bearing style fan. the sound will be less and the lifespan will be more. Just make sure to get the same size and the same voltage input.

If the vibration is bad, a blade might even be broken off of the fan :man_shrugging:

Do the blades clear the shield?

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thanks again Seth, I will change it out.
i appreciate it

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