X-Controller w/speed control for quite spindle


I am upgrading my X-Carve to the new version, with the X-Controller. I used to have the old Arduino controller with the speed controller. However I only see in the X-Carve an output for PWM or 0-10v. But it is not clear which one should I connected to.

Any help appreciated!

Connect the PWM output signal from the X-Controller to your speed controller as if it were pin 11 from the Arduino.

Thing is that my speed controller is mounted to the old power supply. Still applies? Should I use the old power supply too?

So, you don’t have the quiet cut spindle (48 volts) but the original 24 volt spindle?

I will have to check. I have the one that connects directly to the power supply box head to the connector that says “SPINDLE” and has a toggle switch to switch it on or set it to auto.

For that setup you would still use the 24 volt power supply and it’s speed controller. The yellow and black wires that were hooked to the gShield at D11 and ground would move to the X-controller PWM and ground.

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Quick Question.

Which spindle is best?
Quite Cut 48 Volt or the DEWALT 611?

In terms of force, torque and stability?

“Best” is a relative thing. Depends a lot on what you are doing.

Without having any specific knowledge on the subject I would think the DeWalt would have more power. Down side is that it consumes brushes rapidly and it’s lowest RPM is high.

If you want to go with a router, take a look at the Makita 701c. It can operate at lower RPM which is helpful for some materials. You can use the Inventables DeWalt 611 mount with some shimming with the Makita to make it fit.

The Quiet cut will not make as much noise if you have to be concerned about that and if you can work with longer carve times.