X-controller wiring

When rewiring the X-Carve, is the swap of the wires for reverse function of the right y-axis motor done AT the motor as was done with the old electronics system or is the reversal done within the X-Controller’s electronics???

Swap the wiring.

@JeremyJohnstone… Thanks sir. Also please note, the pic showing the wiring of the axis hookups in the instructions for the X-Controller shows the black and green wires swapped at the unit instead of the red and white. Had to go back to the original instructions for wiring the X-Carve because that was confusing me with the actual wiring I had on my machine…

Glad you got it working.
Luckily with things like this, it doesn’t hurt to simply use trial and error.
Try it, does it work? Fix and try again.

Oh, haven’t got it running yet! Still working on the wiring!

@AngusMcleod… that makes sense.

Here’s my fully-operational setup. Might help you out.