X-Controller with other hardware

I am thinking about making/buy a CNC machine but don’t want to buy the whole kit from inventables because I know off the bat I don’t want the belt driven axis and I want to have a sturdier frame. I want to do a ball screw and want to do a porter cable 890 router for the spindle so I can use 1/2" bits I have and smaller collets for the other more precise cuts. My question is can I use the x-controller with other hardware. For instance… could I buy the x-controller and pair it with say an open builds ox hardware config? Anyone have any advice in this area?

Still no advice in this area? Has anyone done anything similar to this?

As long as the specs for the motors are within what the X-controller can handle, you’ll be fine.

I saw OpenBuilds just dropped their own controller. Perhaps go that route (full Openbuilds build)?

this is my new project using the x controller and this I love?