X-Controller Z-Axis calibration prpblem

I’ve just installed the X-Controller in my X-Carve (500mm version). I found some parameters in the controller firmware were set for the larger machine ($301 and $302). For calibration, I’ve managed to set parameters $100 and $101 for correct X and Y axis travel but I can’t seem to adjust Z. It appears to travel about one quarter of the distance specified. I’ve tried changing the micro-stepping DIP switch settings and $102 parameter for pulses per mm but nothing seems to work. Any thoughts on how I can get the Z axis to travel correctly? Are there other parameters in the controller I should look at?

After some additional investigation it seems adjusting the $102 parameter will get the correct travel. I was being too timid. The setting out of the box was 188 so moving it small amounts either way didn’t help. At a setting of about 700 it now looks to be moving the correct distance. If any of you guys could share your settings that would be helpful.
Also, typo in my original post - the parameters that were set for 1000mm were $130 and $131 - apologies.