Just received my X-Controller :smile: Was surprised it required assembly, but not a problem. Can someone tell me which trigger to use for a relay to control a relay the PWM or the spindle 0-10v. Also not very clear on which pot is X-Yor Z as if you don’t rewire your Y you need to turn up to 4A

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Ummm what kind of assembly we talking about here ? I hope no soldering !

No soldering. bunch of parts, plates and plugs

Just got mine today. Woohoo. Haven’t been home to open it yet. But did you not get instructions with yours. I thought is said it would have detailed instructions for those of us who did the pre-order.

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There is a paper with a link http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/x-controller/

And here I thought the X Controller was supposed to be a plug and play solution.

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The same impression I was under. I am not opposed to putting it togetehr just shocked that we have to assemble.

Trying to gather info before my controller arrives later today. I already attached a longer wire to my second stepper motor to take advantage of the second Y driver in the X-Controller. After looking at the instructions it was unclear to me or I missed it, but I was wondering about the wire order of the second Y motor when connecting the green plugs. Does the new Y driver account for the reversed direction of the second motor or does the wiring need to be changed to do this?

All I can offer you is the first picture on this page:
Colors of wires are shown reversed on Y2 Axis

Ha Ha, Thank You! OK, so I did miss it.

“assemblying”? A new word for the Oxford Dictionary!

I haven’t received my shipping notification yet, but I looked over the assembly and usage documents and they seem pretty straightforward, except for the “Optional Upgrades” section of the “Usage” document.

Pardon my electronics ignorance (I am slowly getting up to speed …), but could someone provide an example of how to connect a relay to the X-controller (to turn on / off the 611 spindle, power on a dust collector, etc.)?

For example, I have an isolated relay similar to this one that Inventables sells: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/isolated-relay-circuit . How would I wire up this relay on the input side? Does the “Spindle (0-10V)” and the “GND” provide the the power source (+ and -), and the “Spindle (PWM)” provide the control?

It would be great if the “Usage” document provided a little guidance here for “Optional Upgrades” …

It would be great if the “Usage” document provided a little guidance here for “Optional Upgrades” …

10-4 to that.

Also in Usage Easel Setup Walk through link gives 404

Assembled mine sadly still don’t have wires to transplant it on my monster carve to check how it works.
Only instructions mistake I found .: bag nr5 screws were mentioned in instruction at 10mm where in fact they are 8mm and appear to be right fit.
I had miner issues with assembly.
One was the PCB of power supply was colliding with back plate enclosure and I had to bend it to the edge of my comfort. I noticed same bending action when inserting power wire. With that board just sitting on back of power supply it might snap for someone one day. Some bottom support would be welcome.
Second issue was the fan. With the little washers blades were grinding back plate with loud noise. I raided my workshop for some washers and was able to double up on them and the issue was resolved. Another worry here is the wire from fan inside of the unit. It is quite long and just coiling randomly. With fan not having any grill guard on the inside I suspect will get stuck in blades for some users.

Thats my personal feedback I wonder how it works out for others !

I had the same issue with mine. I thought I was missing a bag for a second. Someone needs to update the #5 bag in the instructions to say 8mm not 10mm
I’m also going to 3D print a bracket to better support the power PCB board. It looks a little weak with no supports on the front of the board. Constantly pushing in the IEC cable if moving, or powering up and down could post a problem with wear on the the board.

I put my X-Controller together today. It took about 2 hours but I did need to redo the estop button because I put it on the wrong side and it interfered with the front plate. Not too clear on that step (or I just read it too fast. I did notice the ribbon cable plugs need to be seated all the way to the bottom of the key slot which allows the side snaps to cover the top of the plug. I originally was reluctant to push too hard and the plugs fell off while sliding the boards in place. I also noticed the 8mm instead of 10mm screws. Took a little time to figure that out via inventory of parts in the kit.
Haven’t connected to the xcarve yet because I wanted to drive the two yaxis motors separately but the kit didn’t include the necessary wire sooo I need to order some wire or try to source locally, or take the box apart and reset the driver pot.
Everything screws or plugs together and the quality of the components look good except for the estop button. I needed to pull the button up to allow the unit to power up. The button does not snap up on its own like other estop buttons that latch out and require a twist to reset.
Finally, I would like a little info on the probe, and other logic outputs. I would like to drive an isolation relay to power my 611 but don’t know which to use.

If you are looking for wire. Belden wire is perfect for the machines. 4 conductor shielded. Is what you want.

yes, do they carry at home depot?

Possibly. Usually a local electronics store has it. You want at the least 18 gauge but I like to go with 16 with the higher motors.