X Probe on a dinosaur

I have searched high and low and can’t find an answer on this specific gShield for putting a Z probe on.

The other posts I have read on the old machines say “A5 and ground” but this one is older. I picked this up used for cheap wasn’t aware it was this old at the time. It still works ok so far.

Thanks in advance.

It’s always been A5. Your pic doesn’t show the whole board, but you might need to get creative with your soldering to make the connections.

That’s pretty much the whole board there. There isn’t an A5 anywhere on that board unless I’m missing it. I’ll take one soon pulled back a little but I still do t see an A5.

It’s on the Arduino, not the gshield.

I’m an idiot. You sir are awesome. Thank you.

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I’m not near the machine to check so it might be obvious but what is holding those boards in? I won’t go out there until tomorrow but figured I would ask so I was ready to go.

The Arduino has female headers and the gshield has male pins. It just plugs in.

Thank you, I got it figured out this morning and Z Probe is up and running as expected.

Thank you again for the help.

Not sure if this is in the right category I have a dinosaur I’m trying to ID so I can get it up and running I walk thru Xcarve instruction for later models however the controller on this one I can’t ID it is inventable X Carve DWP 611 , 1000mmX 1000mm with the ACME screw and the 6mm belt -see attached the face on the controller I can’t ID and the motor connections to the rails and controller are via terminal blocks and not JST or molex connectors - Wiring schematic looks logical except there is one pigtail from the controller that is open and free - maybe it is for a Z probe and ground ( not appliable ) for this model - any help to ID this would be appreciated