X, y 0,0 jig

i have seen in videos people using an L shape jig on their x and y o, but I cannot seem to find a video showing how it was made, applied. can anyone point me in the right direction. I believe if I have one of these I can ensure the starting point is the same time after time and ultimately make my zero easier. correct me if I am wrong. while I am asking if anyone has a video on squaring the x,y and z let me know. i did watch PawPaw’s using the sticks but wondering if the z is needed as well ?

Do you have homing switches?

The L-shaped bump stop is simplest made by securing a plate and carve the L-edge in-situ as X/Y edge will be 100% parallell. You need a squared machine on X/Y first though.

“Squaring the Z” is called tramming he spindle, should also be done so carve geometry match modelled geometry.

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I am new to this so forgive me if I am not up to speed on all the terminology. I have the X and Y homing switches that came with the X-carve. I also purchased the Z-probe. I believe I am struggling with squaring my machine properly. Is it as simple as just the rails for the table? Does it have anything to do with the arm that the spindle is attached to? I hope this all makes sense.

do you know of any good videos or articles that tell you how to square this all up ?

Hey I’m new to the CNC world and found Paw Paws videos on youtube to be a HUGE help. I believe he even has one on squaring the machine.

Here is the link to the channel

thanks Phil. i am reviewing the video. i was about to carve some bumpt stops and noticed the gt2 belt on my spindle z axis is broken. i see inventables will not have them in stock. any other options you know of?