X,Y coordinates off relative to home position

Whin I home my machine the coordinates are X -1, Y -1. Now I am getting X -1, Y -2. The machine is off by one inch in the Y axis but goes to the home position on the spoil board location. How do I reset Y to -1 after homing? I tried cycling power on the machine…waited a while so the residual voltage could dissipate. No change. I also uninstalled the machine in Easel then reinstalled it and also no change. I also thought maybe the belt slipped. They are tight and this is a new machine. Frustrating to say the least…any ideas on how to fix?

What coordinates? Are you measuring or reading them on a computer screen?
If they’re your WORK coordinates, just set zero where you need it.

Not my work coordinates. I am talking about home coordinates which are preset by easel. Those are what I am trying to change the values in but don’t see a way to do so in the software.

So you home the machine and the MACHINE position readout shows X-1,Y-2?
That’s weird and I don’t know how it could be possible, but it shouldn’t affect anything as you can set work zero wherever you want.


OK… the problem is I have Jigs that are set relative to the machine home coordinates and dowel pinned to the spoil board for accuracy on repeat carves or jobs. I that case my work Zero is the same as my Home Zero. Now when I run the job the carve will be off by one inch in the Y axis. That is why I need to recalibrate the coordinates.

I jogged the machine to the work zero and set zero. Now when I home the machine it is correct on the coordinates. This was a manual entry based on the approximate position. Confusing…well see about the repeatability on my other carves as mentioned above.

I just got off the phone with Inventables…They never heard of this problem. It figures. Good luck to you all.

I’m still confused what’s going on.
So when you home the machine, it doesn’t home to the exact same spot each time?

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It is working.

What did you do to fix it? I have a somewhat similar problem.

Homing the machine using the limit switches is “Home Zero”

The machine will home to the switches then move a specified gap to allow the switches to open. This will be represented by looking at the Machine Inspector. It will not show XYZ 0, because the machine has moved off the switches. This is perfectly normal… but it is still “Home Zero”

The pull off amount is a setting in GRBL not in your machine settings. ($27) Homing pull-off, mm.

If you home the machine then make a carve that is Work Origin X1 Y1 your machine will correctly carve to the exact same spot every single time so long as you home the machine first.

Home is “Home” and all the counting starts from there unless you jog the machine somewhere else and reset the Work Zero to that point, otherwise the machine will carve based on the “Home Zero”

With the machine powered, home the machine to the limit switches ($H). In the console window, type: G92 X0 Y0 and press (enter). The G92 command tells GRBL to set the current location as the specified coordinate, so you’re telling the machine “this is zero”.

Do this

Or this (i prefer the video solution)