X & Y limit switch location question

I’m finally getting around to hooking these bad-boys up. I know they work because I’ve manually triggered them while doing the homing thing in Easel, but I have a basic problem…

Where they are located, they will not be triggered! I’ve gone over the build instructions several times to make sure I did it right and based on the pics, I have.

Enclosed in a pic of my Y gantry… you can see it’s at the physical limit, but the switch does not have anything to trigger against. (this caused quite a grinding noise) ! It’s almost like the switch needs to be inside the plate instead of outside, but the instructions I looked at on the website show it being on the outside. Same for the X gantry.

Moving it inside the brace is the only way I can see it working unless I forgot something basic.

You forgot to install the Install Home Switch Actuators. Look at the directions here for the y axis and go from there for each axis http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/1000mm/step3/

you are absolutely right! I don’t recall coming across anything like those in my kit, either. Crap… I’ll probably just epoxy a piece of wood on there to do the same thing. Those are much nicer and adjustable, tho. lol

it’s just a screw and a t nut, there really cheap. Call inventables, they’ll probably send them out to you

Nope, I had to pay for them. $10 shipping for a few spacers and bolts, too!