X,y,Z axis motors travvel settings

My axis’s will not work, The Z stepper motor is hot to touch. No other stepper motor is hot. When I first got this machine the stepppers would only move a quarter or less their necessary travel. Now they do not move at all.
I would like to know which GRBL v1.1 setting controls the axis functions.

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Movement is controlled via $100, $101, and $102 HOWEVER these are assigned automatically when you do a “machine setup” within easel and select the correct version of your X-carve (I’m assuming this is an X-carve were talking about)

These are the default settings for the Pre-Nov 2021 version, there are also links to the different settings for the Post Nov 2021 version if needed. But it sounds like yours it the pre version but you’ve selected Post by mistake during the setup, this is actually a very common issue now that they made the newest one show as the default… (the grbl settings are also briefly explained on this post too)

So the easiest fix is to select Machine>Setup new Machine and be sure to pick the correct version and any applicable options.

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