X,Y,Z jog through UGCS and Easel

I have had success using a PS3 game controller to jog on all axis. Still working on proportional control as it will only step whatever it is set at.
I used the app Joystick mapper and Joystick show on a MBP and OS X 10.10.5. Took some experimentation as the help files were not so helpful. As with most help files it takes for granted that I am starting at a point not at the beginning or they refer to some file but provide no link.

But it means that I do not have to look at my screen to jog the tool around. Now to setup the touch plate, piece of cake that one.
This to me is a step forward, it might even work in Easel, haven’t tried that yet. I hated using the mouse to jog the Z up and down, X and Y weren’t too bad.

Anyone else have any input on this?

Update, success on both fronts. It is still incremental so the amount has to be set but I can now set my zeros without contorting myself.
Here are screen shots of the settings I used with Joystick mapper.

Hope this helps those looking for a cheap way to add a pendant.

One more thing that would pour gravy on it would be a digital readout on the pendant. Maybe that is asking too much.

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Very cool! Would love to know if you got it working with Easel. With Easel you can use Shift + Up/Down Arrows to jog the Z, though.

To jog the Z it uses page up/page down. But I have not tested it in Easel yet only in UGCS. I will post the steps when I get a chance, busy with Christmas right now.
Page up/down is fn arrow, the mapper has that for a choice.

A Short video of the “pendant” i made for my xcarve. This sender sends g-code commands over the command line instead of mapping keys. This allows me to use any gcode to be able to control practically anything. Hope you enjoy.

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Very good Wade, impressive.

Would you at some time share how you built the G-Code Sender and also the any software associated with it?

I think some of us might want to build our own :grinning: at some point in time.


More info Please!!! This is awesome!!!

I would love some plans or the terminal commands. This is just what I want.

See my edited post above. It does work and well.

Thanks for the positive comments. This is the result of over 2 months worth of work. Finding the right micro-controller to support all the features i needed, writing the controller software, writing the serial up-loader software, testing and re-writing software, designing and re-designing the case etc. Like most of you guys i’m just a hobbyist as well. I love to build things that support our community of hobbyist and while i do like to share my ideas and in some cases my work; developing these type of projects come at a high cost to me. I could have bought another x carve for what i have invested in figuring out how to do this and making it happen. Typically when i do a project like this i try to build a few extra that i can sell to offset the cost. In this way i can provide useful tools that support our community and recover some of my costs so i can continue to develop other project ideas i have.

in this case i built three extra of these senders and i’ll eventually make those available for sale on my website. Currently i’m cleaning up the controller software and tweaking some of the control features but this should be available soon. The cost is coming in at about $190.00 ea which will include the micro-controller / USB cable, all the software needed, and a user manual. I know that is a lot of money for a “pendant” but this is the real cost to build something like this on a small scale and may be the reason there is not one commercially available for hobbyists.

If you would be interested in buying one of these you can send me a message from the contact page on my website.

I do try to follow the forum but it’s easier for me to keep track of communications from my website. If you just have questions about it i can answer those in the forum if you like.
When i finish getting the software cleaned up i’ll let you know they are available.