X,Y &Z Steppers do not move/respond on Easel Setup

I am attempting to switch from using UGSPlatform (suddenly was unable to connect or load files) to Easel to run my X-Carve 7500. After installing and attempting to “setup the machine”, the first thing that happens is that none of the 3 stepper motors move when I click and/or hold down the buttons to move up, down, right or left. None of them make any sound, either. Power light is on, ES button is up but the fan is not running. I have used machine extensively in past 4 month with no issues using UGSPlatform. The machine stopped working after being shut down overnight. One thought: I may possibly have not turned off the power to the X-Controller and/or actually closed the UGS program.

I am having the same exact issue, except it stopped in the middle of a carve.

I am also having problems with my X carve. Did you find the problem and were you able to resolve it? Thanks

I noticed during a failed set up, that if the machine was improperly squared during setup that the stepper motors won’t overcome the shift in the tracks.

I had to contact inventables. The board that controls the stepper motors failed.

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I just got a reply from Inventables that was very helpful, they said that my MS edge may be uploading the original program every time I log in I am checking that out but also ordered the control board.

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i just set mine up and X Y Z dosen’t work. there is a red light on the control board.can you tell me what I need to do?

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@Ron3 Release the E-Stop possibly? The setup process does not require power on the CNC and that red light may be getting powered by the USB connection I beleive… if you disconnect the USB and loose the light, then you need to restore Main Power to the Controller. Usually this is because the Red Button is Depressed, or the cnc is plugged into an outlet with no power present, or a GFCI that immediately tripped when the CNC was powered on Because GFCI’s will do that a lot of the time and should be avoided for CNC use .

@WaltShields maybe this?