Xbox Controller Tray

Hey all!

This is my first post… Doesnt matter lol

I do hope all of you are well with this Crap going on…

Anyway i am stuck home and cleaning and i really wanna make a tray for my XBOX One controllers… Can anyone point me in the right Direction!

Thank you!

what a great opportunity to make them from scratch.

I would learn inkscape (vector graphic program) just because you will learn to make more precise parts with inkscape than easel.

then I would learn to import these files into easel for cutting.

I would get some cheap material (scrap) and practice cutting on that until I became proficient.

man o man to have time off. (I am considered essential so I have no such luck).

P.S. there are some great videos that can show you how to create 3D objects and carve them if you have that much time. here is a video to start with if you have the time.

Anyone have any pre-built xbox tray plans they are willing to share?