Xcarve 1000 mm Upgrade

Good Evening,

I just ordered my xcarve last night, and was looking at purchasing upgrades now, while I wait for it’s arrival.
I see tbdcnc ultimate upgrade 2" kit and was thinking of getting that along with the 9mm 2gt2 belt upgrade and cnc4newbie z axis slide.

With the slide do I need to purchase an additional stepper motor?

I’m hoping with purchasing the upgrades now, I can install them from the start and be rocking and rolling!

Any advise is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Thank you

I have been looking at upgrading to the cnc4newbies z axis and can not find it anywhere. I have found a lot of them on Ebay but that is not what they are called.

I’d start at his website :wink:

I bought the cncfornewbies Z slide off of ebay. It is the one with the motor mounting to the Acme rod eliminating the belt and the anti backlash screw, and regular linear guides, not the plastic ones. His home switch is a lot more substantial than the X carve. It is a beautiful piece of metal work.

Thanks Neil

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I believe you have to cut the pulley off your original stepper and use it on the new Z assembly.
Lots of good reviews on here.
That will be my next upgrade. Maybe my Christmas present to myself.

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