Xcarve 65mm Spindle mounts What else is available out their?

I’m looking to see what else is available as of spindle Mount on x carve what’s available out their thats a direct bolt on to plate for a 65mm water cooled spindle ?

Not a direct bolt on, but I use a MAKITA 701 with approximately 2mm shim for the DeWalt mount. Main reason was to adapt the Makita for variable spindle speed (I get 8600 - 30000 RPM with G-code electronic modification. It will do about 8600 - 30000 out of the box with no modifications (manual mode).

Thanks for reply but looking for mounts not spindle options

I think @LarryM is saying that the Makita, which is also 65mm, fits with a 2mm shim. His solution could work for your 65mm spindle.

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Thanks im just asking whats out their as of other spindle mounts for a 65mm spindle other than xcarve one.

There are others in the forum. Just remember that the Makita is 65mm.