65mm spindle mount

Now that I have everything working on my upgraded X-Carve, I thought my next project would be to machine a mount for my 65mm spindle, instead of using the 611 mount with a bunch of styrene wrapped around the spindle. I have some 1/2" aluminium plate to use as material.

I was wondering if anyone had any good designs for a mount, before I designed my own. I was thinking it would be really nice to include some way to finely adjust the angle of the spindle to make it easier to tram the mill. It’s pretty easy to see how this might work for small rotation around the X axis, by using some grub screws to offset one side a bit. How to get rotation around Y however, I don’t have a good answer.

Any thoughts?

Depends on the manufacturing capability you have available for metal fabrication. I’ve thought up a couple very rigid mount setups that include trim (that’s a really good idea!) but so far I haven’t gotten around to implementing any of them. They all require significant manufacturing capability, on the order of a bridgeport at least.

I have a design i made for a Makita that uses the same mounting holes as the standard x-carve. and uses the excentric nuts for leveling etc.

the side plate is an accessory rail not part of the structure of this part directly

Very nice! … download available?

i made it in Fusion 360 for a friend so not sure if there may be licencing or what not involved i can ask for you if you would like. if not i’d be happy to design you one.


I wish I could design like that! You might consider adding some kind of integrated blower deflector (assuming the Makita vents cooling down like most routers), and threaded holes in the bottom for a dust shoe.

well that design will be machined out of 1/2 aluminum but the accessory rail will fit on either side or both (if you have 2 rails cut) the makita has a downward blowing cooling as well as a 1/4in threaded air port. holes in the front C bracket are through and through also would be tapped M4 i believe. i’ll have to reference the model but either way threaded.

as for my design ability i just kinda whipped that up for my buddy. if you need something designed i’m sure we could figure something out or what not. :smile:

Here is the mounting system. download is for Fusion360
lets keep it opensource. share/share alike

65.5mm xcarve spindle mounting system.igs (640.9 KB)

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I had something really similar 1/2 designed and sort of stopped working on it. This is a life saver for me at the end of the month when I finally upgrade my spindle and get a new Z-Axis.

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i’m glad this design was able to help :slight_smile:

I was hoping to find a mount for my 65mm spindle and this is the first one. the mount here is for a router.

Is this the same mount ?


I just received this exact mount from aliexpress last week… It looks like the manufaturer completely ripped the design off :frowning: I had no idea.

I have a cnc4newbies z slider, so I cannot directly mount this as is. There are 4 socket head screws on the back which would obviously conflict with the mounting plate on the slider. I countersunk the aliexpress mount bolt holes and I’m going to use flat head bolts to eliminate the conflict for flush mounting.

I cannot wait to get the 65mm spindle mounted!

Do you know does it work with stock X carve z slider ?