XCarve Black Friday

Does anyone recall what kind of savings the Xcarve Black Friday sale had last year?

Don’t remember exactly but I remember a lot of complaints about not much of an offer.

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Thanks PawPaw.
Better than nothing I guess, but I am hoping it’s worth the wait.

I think it was like $100 off an xcarve, the year before it was $100 gift card if you spent certain amount. I forgot the amount that you had to spend exactly but I got one, and thats how I bought my xcontroller. I could be wrong on the years but I know those are some of the deals they had in the past.

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Thanks for the info! I hope it’s a lil’ more this year.

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Antonio, did you buy your carve here or on matterhackers?

I bought it here on 2016.

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last year they had just reworked (read: upped) their pricing scheme days before black friday, so the people who waited for the sale didn’t get much of a deal compared to before the price adaptation. I’m guessing this won’t be the case this year. But I do remember them making the announcement very last minute so don’t panic if you don’t see the announcement in the coming weeks.

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I’ve learned at my age, never to expect much. Thank you for the heads up and info :slight_smile:

I had a gentlmen tell me a couple weeks ago and he is running 3 xcarves that he got something from inventables a little while back that said they were coming out with a large machine. I think he said it was going to be like 1600x1000mm, Not sure if there is anything to it but would be just about right for the end of the year. I have not heard anything about it other then what he said but if he has 3 of them going he might have some inside track.

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What’re you trying to start here, @WayneHall?!

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I am just stating what someone told me true or not but i think it is about time for something new. I guess we will have to wait and see. :smiley:

Lol. That’s crossed my mind. I guess there is always the chance of that happening, being the year is almost over. Hopefully, the Black Friday sale will compensate if that’s planned. So, people like me won’t feel like they just settled…but yeah, I’d probably go with the bigger model :smiley:

The gentlmen had bought 3 1000mm in the last year so i thought he might have some inside track but like i said i can not say if it is true or false.

Hopefully I don’t buy the x-carve on black friday and they come out with a bigger model shortly after. :grimacing:

They raised their prices right before Black Friday last year. Then put it on sale to prior prices. It was quite the shady “deal”.

I ended up getting a Shapeoko
XXL on their BF sale. Just finished up setting it up tonight. Thanks everyone that has been answering my questions though :slight_smile:


@Jessica Best of success to you. I hope that you will continue to participate in this forum. Congratulations on your purchase.

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