XCarve Build Instructions 2016 model

I have purchased an unused 2016 XCarve CNC (with Xcontroller etc and Nema 23 motors). I have some questions:

  1. Is this the correct link for the build instructions for this model - X-Carve Instructions: Welcome!

  2. Roughly how long to assemble?

  3. I would like dust collection, is the inventables part the only one available, or are there 3rd party options. I have the Dewalt router.

  4. Before I dive in any advice to someone who is technical but brand new to CNC.

Many Thanks,



  1. That looks like the correct link to me.

  2. A good Saturday should suffice for assembly.

  3. I would purchase the dust shoe setup at least.

  4. Read through the forum when you have time.

Check out this post as well…

Take care to not route the USB cable next to the spindle power cable.


Brandon R. Parker

Thanks Brandon. Started assembling it today, I’ll post on here how I get on.