Xcarve compents missing on store

hi all i want an x carve 1000x1000 but i dont need the electronics or even the dewalt, i just need the core compents since they remove that from the store and only sell full machines,i tried to buy part by part, but there are many missing pieces like the acme screw, many types of flat screws some t nuts and buttton head caps, does anybody know if they are out of stock or remove to make impossible to build just the machine without electronics??

Have you contacted Inventables directly, asking for a “kit”?

yes they told to buy parts by parts on the store following the assembly instructions

also check here for some parts you missed.

and button head screws

and T-Nuts are under Extrusions at

not to be mean (as that is how most take it) but search is the easiest way to find all this. as that is all that I did.


you might notice that some parts have different numbers than those listed in the assembly instructions. that is because of the quantity difference. you will need to look at the size and length and order accordingly. so when you search do not search for a part number, search for the description (i.e. button head screw).