Xcarve cutting bigger than design

Hello Everyone, I am new to the CNC world and I finally have my 1000m running. Tried to cut a sample at 4" x 4" and it cut the project at 6" x 6". Is this a software issue, would appreciate any suggestions. I did look at my steppers as someone gave me that suggestion and that was not the problem.

Have you run through the initial setup process in Easel?

Here is a video by @PhillipLunsford that discusses calibration of the X-Carve if you need to do that.


Brandon Parker

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FYI, same concept descried in another video i sent him in a different thread: New XCarve Owner Back Again - #4 by SethCNC

John said it didn’t need re-calibration, but TBH unless the size he’s reading is coming from a bounding box (like t does with typed text) then i’d think it’s a calibration issue :man_shrugging:

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