Xcarve demo

I am very interested in the xcarve but don’t know enough about them to to comfortably sink that kind of money into a shop tool without seeing one in action. Does inventables do demonstrations in different areas of the country or does someone own one in the southwest Virginia / northeast Tennessee area willing to show me the basics of operation, what can and can’t be done on them.

you might contact inventables and see what school they gave one away to in your area and then contact that school and see if they would be willing to let you see something like that

not sure about doing all of that just an idea perhaps

YouTube has lots of videos, both reviews and howtos.

The Inventables forums is a great community of crafters that have helped me more then they can know with tips, improvements, and ideas for my X-Carve.

You’ve signed up and posed. All you have to do is search for people who were unhappy. Should be a short list. :wink: