Xcarve dewalt 611 relay help

Hi. I’m looking to add a relay to my xcarve. I’ve been looking around and can’t seem to find out exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been looking at the one they sell on Amazon but they are sold out. What my next best option. Solid state relays or something else? Thanks!

This is what I did it’s worked flawlessly.

Here is one. rather expensive compared to the IOT.

here is one for $25

Maybe they will have some more soon. You can call them to see.

I just remembered I have a brand new iot relay I bought and didn’t use I can sell you for what I payed plus shipping…

Yes that would be great

I’ve never done this before not sure how , I’ve sold on eBay before I just put it on eBay and send you a link?

Looks like they might be upgrading to a new design:


Adafruit is also out of stock.

I could just send you the money via paypal.

…and what about this one? Can i use this?


This relay of which you speak does what? Is it a speed control or something else?

I’m afraid I’m a complete novice so as yet have no experience with easel, though I am an experienced woodworker. Are you saying you can control the router with the software? On/off, speed, etc?

Thank you so much for your replies and clarification. I’m starting to put mine together today or tomorrow. I’ll read some more to find specifics on relay model number/price, etc. Thanks again. Thus forum and all you guys are terrific

I’ve done it in my previous setup.

You can buy these for cheap from china for a few bucks