Xcarve has ruined my life :P

I didn’t order mine until September 12th. I have my Supervisor on notice that sometime in the next few weeks I am going to take a week off. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Greeting from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :grinning:

I’m done the online purchase on 15 September and still waiting.
Emailed the customer service asking the shipping details and still waiting.

Hope they already took some actions. Can’t wait any longer…Hahaha

So short answer is we ordered within 2-3 days of each other. Your has to be getting close to shipping.

Just got a tracking number. Not active yet, but I need to finish rearranging my shop ;D

and you ordered yours sept 1st?

Hmm That means I should be getting mine soon hopefully!

I ordered spetember 7th as well… no email yet.

9/2 no email.

I didn’t receive my email until yesterday(9-3). Stuff is being delivered today. If you get the UPS app you can sign up. And anything hat is in transit for your address will be in there. I knew my stuff was coming for a few days now.

Thanks. I’ve been using app for a while and no shipments showing from inventables.

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will they not email the tracking number before sending?

Usually they do. I’m not sure what happened, maybe because so MUCH stuff was going out at one time things got backed up.

mine showed up a couple hours ago. I’m not so excited any more. Assembly looks like it’s gonna resemble actual work, and knowing me there’s gonna be less than 5 hours sleep every night until the thing is running test files.

On the bright side… I GOT IT!!!


Ha! I was in the same boat! Same thing when waiting for the upgrades.

just got my shipment email. i ordered on 9/4.

Did it say what shipped? My guess would be it is only a partial shipping.
I ordered the 1000mm upgrade kit on the 9/1 and nothing yet.

If people that ordered after you are getting emails it might be worth a phone call. Just an additional FYI - mine shipped complete - four boxes. I ordered before the official announcement (August 27 or 28) and got my machine monday.

All of it shipped

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Thanks Guys.

Emailed them. Looks like domestic ones are being shipped as they are ready but international orders are having to “manually fulfill each international order due to the customs” but should be shipped today or tomorrow.

I sure hope that includes mine to! :stuck_out_tongue: