Xcarve pro 4x4 and picsender

Please help!
for those of you that use picsender i would appreciate any help you can give me. i purchased the xcarve pro 4x4 everything works fine in easel. but when i try to connect to picsender i get an error saying.
grbl is not responding to picsender,s connection request due to unknown causes. possible causes include
arduino controller failure?
grbl firmware corruption?
usb signal failure?
troubleshoot and repair controller problem before continuing.
i have deleted picsender and reinstalled it. i sent a message to inventables and they said they couldnt help me that i should contact picsender. so i contacted them approximately 3 weeks ago and they have never got back with me.

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If you’ve got up to date firmware than the xcarce pro baud rate will be set very low, to low for many sender software. You can contact tech support and they can back date the firmware for you and set it back to 115,200 baud rate…

Im not positive that this is your issue, but i know a handful of owners using OpenBuilds control and they had this issue and the above Mentonioned fix worked perfectly…

You could open device manager and check the port baud rate setting, or try UGS or OpenBuilds to see if either if those can connect.

Try this https://www.picengrave.com You should get some result here.

You was correct. I did not realize I could simply type the baud rate in. I thought you had to choose from the drop down list. I typed in the baud rate (57600) and it connected. Thank you very much

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