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XCarve Pro Table size

I’m waiting for my Pro to arrive and I’m trying to find out what the exact size of the table I should make. I know the Pro is 4’x4’. Couldn’t find anything about the Pro in the forum. Any help would be appreciated, I am new to the CNC game. Thnx

IF THE XCARVE IS 4’x 4’ THEN MAKE IT A 5’ X 5’ or 6’ X 6’

Work Area (X Y Z):48in x 48in x 4in

Footprint: 65.75in x 55.75in

Weight:300lbs (approx)

ok thnx

I would recommend to used 4" x 4" wood for leg and 2 x 4 to make your frame.

Does anyone know the exact position of the mounting points for the X-carve Pro. I understand the size of footprint 55.75 x 65.75.

Sorry, what do you mean by footprint?

Footprint is the total area that your CNC Router will take on whatever table you put it on. Like if you walk bare foot in the sand you can see the area your footprint made in the sand.

I asked this same question to technical support as I am awaiting the Pro as well. They recommended a 6’ x 6’ table. A 5’ x 5’ would def be easier on my shop space tho.

Good call. Inventables said the machine weighs around 300 lbs. when put together.

Footprint: 65.75in x 55.75in is that zise of machine can cut you material


Thnx, Just never heard it called a footprint.

I too am waiting for my X-Carve Pro. I ask Tech the same question and also the best working height which they recommended 34 inches.

I am also waiting but I made a work table that is 6’ x 8’ for it to go on. You just have to make sure that it fits in your workspace easily.

Made mine 40”deep by 50” wide, fits the X carve and nothing else but my shop is tight enough. The Laptop is on a Ram mount laptop stand with swing arm


John Hayes (from Inventables) sent me an email and said a 6’ x 6’ table is recommended. Each side of the X Carve Pro has 3 adjustable feet which are inset under the machine which means the machine is larger than the footprint of the 6 adjustable feet. The center to center measurement of the front two feet (left to right) is 1378mm (54.25197"). From the front left foot to the center left foot is 585mm (23.0315") and from the center left foot to the rear left foot is 585mm (23.0315"). The distance from the front left foot to the rear left foot is 1170mm (46.06299"). The right side of the machine mirrors the left side. I was also told the height of the wasteboard to the bottom of the adjustable feet is 4 1/4" but the feet are adjustable in height for leveling purposes. Hope this helps.


I decided to alter and beef up my 2x4 basics table that my present X-Carve was sitting on. I’ve increased the size from 4’ x 6’ to 6’ x 8’. I was even able to reuse my 4’x6’ MDF boards together to make the top. I did add additional feet for the long span, and center feet. I did have to add some shims under the feet to level it perfectly (Florida garage has a heavy slope, almost 5" from house to garage door) I’ll also be adding 2x4 supports underneath, once I finish drafting the drawers and board storage on the lower shelf.
Old Bench:

New Bench:


Looks great Matt.

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I’ve never used a CNC to do cabinets but used big plasmas on metal so not sure if this machine could cut out the cabinets from a sheet of 3/4" plywood, even drilling out the holes for the shelves. My idea is just to make a design then mirror/flip the design to have two sides. Would this machine be able to do it and what kind of time would it take? Are there any videos of them making cabinets that you know of because I haven’t found any.

issue got solved!!