XCarve Pro UGP error?

What Firmware should one use with UGP v2.0.7 and XCarve Pro? And what Baud rate?

I’ve used GRBL and 115200 with my XCarve 1000x1000 with no problems.

I can connect but get an Alarm right away and errors when trying to send anything.

[Error] Error while processing response <An error was detected while sending ‘$J=G20G91Z10F600’: (error:8) Grbl ‘$’ command cannot be used unless Grbl is IDLE. Ensures smooth operation during a job. Streaming has been paused.>

Seems the error is coming from the fact that I’m getting an “Alarm” Start when I connect. Need to figure out what is causing the “Alarm” state from connecting?

Only 115200 baud allows me to connect, but I get “Alarm” right away??

What am I missing?

Will homing clear the alarm?

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As Mark said, home the machine or unlock it with $X.

Yes, homing cleared the alarm

What is the router speed code for gcode?

I’m use to my XCarve 1000x1000 where I turned on the router. With the XCarve Pro we need to put the router speed in the gcode.

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