XCarve Randomly Going Right during carve

I’m having an issue with my XCarve where the machine will be mid carve then decide to take a hard right and continually jog all the way to the x limit. It’s happened on different files and different times during the curve.

Any idea why this might be happening?

*update just tried running it again to see what would happen it went to the upward to the y max this time! UGH!


I suggest checking the wiring, the plugs on both ends for the Stepper Motors. AND if the Router Cable is run through the cable chain, try taking it out of the chain, just for a test to see if that helps…

On a Side Note: I also see that your Z axis looks to be a little high, so you might want to lower that Z axis assembly in order to allow shorter length bits to reach the workpiece and the wasteboard more easily.
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I have had, and currently am having the same issue. I was told it was the connection into the computer from the E-switch Box. But there is no indication that is going to happen when it does. This is incredibly frustrating; I wonder if coming out of the E-Stops USB-C and going into the computers USB-C port would do better. Unfortunately, I am running off an older computer, so it doesn’t have a USB-C on it.

Danny, are you running a standard X-Carve or the X-Carve Pro? your description of the estop box sounds like the X-Carve Pro… and the OP above is running the standard X-Carve, so the issues al be it similar are stemming from different root causes. this similar issue with the Pro seems to be corrected by upgrading the firmware and running the slower baud rate.