Xcarve stock dust boot on cnc4nubie 7" z slide

I upgraded to the cnc4nubie 7" z axis slide and wanted to use my stock dust boot and arms. My son gave me this as a gift and it is not cheap. By trimming off a fat 8th inch off the back of the arm it fits standard t-track perfectly. Tapped the carriage for M5 flat head machine bolts and counter-sunk the arms. I had the m5 tap but m4 would be better regarding counter sinking.

I also upgraded to the iot relay which I mounted on the xcontroler with velro. Reaching behind the xcontroler with all that wiring could mess up the wiring connections. Do not ask me how I know this!

So the relay power is plugged into another relay for the ship vac and the xonrtroler into the iot relay.

Anyway, the cnc4nubie slide is almost a work of art regarding design, fit and finish. Who ever is doing the de-burring needs a raise.

4 days from Montreal to Detroit with DHL free shipping. Geez that is fast. Very pleased.

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This is what I did

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